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The Committee

(2012) Short documentary produced in my Honors Advanced Documentary Workshop. Explores a witchunt era when GLBT citizens faced expulsion from pulic universities.

Wally's Mission on Mars

(2012) Feature documentary.  Wally Nelson is a retired rocket scientist who raises the ethical questions of sending human beings to Mars.

Filthy Dreamers

(2014) Short documentary produced in my Honors Advanced Documentary Workshop.  Explores efforts to ban the teaching of evolution at Florida State College for Women.


Dear Mr. Gore

(2009) Feature documentary.  A bicycle ride through Sweden and Florida leads me to my own Inconvenient Truth.

Peace Corps:  JFK's Bold Legacy

(2009) Film featuring Stella Sung's "Rockwell Reflections" and a meditation on how creativity can lead to peace.

The Red Silk Thread

(2014) Film capturing the performance of an original full-length opera. The performance attempts to reconcile Eastern and Western beliefs in search of a universal truth.

Young Composer's Challenge

(2010) Feature documentary.  Follows the lives of five teens as they compose original orchestral works in a competition for a chance to have it performed by a professional orchestra.

"The dark, mysterious world of composing is not well known, and this is a great chance for you to see what it is."

- Young Composers Challenge

"Girls cutting their dresses short, girls cutting their hair short, humans evolving from was all the same thing, it was a flashpoint for this discussion..."

- Filthy Dreamers

"Trying to put people on Mars doesn't appear to me to be sensible."

-Wally's Mission on Mars

"They can be school teachers, ministers, judges, lawyers, we oughta know we arrested all of them. Don't think you won't be caught cause this is one thing you can't get away with!"

-The Committee

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